• Fiziksel Tıp ve Rehabilitasyon

Üst düzey eHD kalitede görüntüleme teknolojisi ile kas iskelet ve ortopedik yapıların tanısı, girişimsel işlemleri ve takibini en iyi şekilde gerçekleştirmek için konsollu sistemler ve üstün performanslı taşınabilir cihazları, 3MHz'den 25MHz'e kadar Lineer Probe seçimiyle, FTR uygulamaları için en tercih edilen modelleri sunmaktayız.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Clinical Solutions: Esaote

Muskuloskeletal Ultrason Modelleri:



Premium system which embeds new technology of probes and an extended package of advanced tools powered by A.I.

MyLab™X8 Platform


Performant system which offers comfort and a high level of information in a wide range of applications.



Performant portable system which supports diagnosis and patient follow up in several clinical applications.


Excellence in very Superficial Imaging - Wide probe portfolio

LMX 4-20, Esaote’s brand-new HD Single Crystal probe, which is operating up to 25 MHz, offers unprecedented clarity even in the smallest details without compromising the deeper areas. Applied to this high-density element per multi-layer matrix structure array, XCrystal Technology enables unparalleled sharp and clear imaging to achieve excellence in superficial ultrasound examinations, and becomes the Esaote gold standard in terms of linear probes.


LX 3-15, benefiting from XCrystal Technology, offers a perfect one-probe solution to scan all parts of the body, which makes it ideal  for people who search for one probe with excellent resolution not only for MSK application, but also in any kind of superficial scan. Download white paper

Doppler technology, with high sensitivity, is essential in any inflammation process where it is crucial to analyse slow flows.
The extreme sensitivity of Esaote Power Doppler technology is designed for the detection of low flow in small and superficial vessels.

Elastosonography is particularly important in musculoskeletal applications because it provides valuable information about the mechanical properties of soft tissues in the musculoskeletal system. ElaXto is the Esaote real-time, non-invasive strain elastography tool that allows you to assess tissue stiffness at a glance, thanks to a colour-coded stiffness mapping. Instead, QElaXto 2D, shear-wave elastography, is an Esaote technology that provides an immediate quantitative value of tissue elasticity, which can be particularly interesting in the follow-up of tendon injuries.

Interventional procedures in musculoskeletal applications are used to diagnose and treat conditions affecting bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other related structures.
These procedures are often performed under ultrasound imaging guidance to increase accuracy and precision, such as in infiltrations where the brightness of the needle can be emphasized by using Esaote’s advanced Needle Enhancement tool